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Welcome to Chai Wine Tasting's Flight List!

The purpose of the Chai Wine Tasting's Flight page is to overview the potential wine flights for your own wine tasting party! The hardest part is selecting a wine flight theme for the night however, we make it alittle easier for you! We have created fourteen customized flights ranging from Let Them Eat Cake! to The Down Under. Each wine flight contains six different wines of a particular theme, and every flight also comes with the option to have an accompaniment of cheeses for a small additional charge during your wine tour. Please choose from one of our following wine flight options and click on the Contact Me link to email me your choice.

Vino Vino

This Old World flight takes you into the heart of wine country, Italy! This wine flight brings to mind romance, rich flavorful foods, gondolas, and beautiful rolling countrysides. One can expect subtle, smooth, and acidic wines with delicate fruit flavors from six of Italy's premiere wine regions. This flight consists of three white and three reds.

Bonjour! France

It would be impossible to discuss wine without thoughts of France. Names such as Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux, and Provence bring to mind elegant and delicate flavored wines that most of the wine world strives to emulate. Unfortunately, on our Bonjour! France wine flight we will not be sampling Bordeaux's First Growths, such as Chateau Latour or Chateau Haut-Brion because cost does not permit. What we do offer our prefect examples of the French wine world from a classic Southern Rhone red to a yeasty Champagne. This wine flight serves as a great introduction to the wine France has to offer.

The Big, the bold, and the beautiful

This bold wine flight consists of six red wines from throughout the world. Each red wine expresses its own unique aromas and tastes from oak, dark plum, dried cherries, baking spices, earth, spice, smoke, and tobacco. There are six red wines in this flight.

The U. S. of A.

The U. S. of A. wine flight showcases some of the best and most unique wines that the United States has to offer. The United States is ranked fourth in worldwide wine production and some say is the most important wine producer in the world. With all that being said! Why would you not want to try what this great country has offer? From this wine flight one can expect ripe, bold fruit flavors single varietal wines with high tannin, oak, and alcohol.

The Down Under

Australia and New Zealand have more to offer than just kangaroos, koalas, kiwis, and kakapos (kakapos are large flightless parrots that live in New Zealand)! These beautiful islands have an array of exotic wines to taste and enjoy.

Nothing like alittle bubbly...

Sparkling wines are not just for celebrating anymore! Why not make the evening more special with a flight of sparkling wines from all over the world. From the classic and elegant Champagnes to citrus flavored Cavas...this sparkling wine flight has a bubbly for everyone! There are six delicate sparkling wines!

Let them Eat Cake!

Marie Antoinette made the line famous however this wine flight brings it to life! This wine flight consists of six unique dessert wines from throughout world from the rich, rasined Portuguese port to honeyed French Sauternes. Enjoy our flight of all dessert wines!

Pretty in Pink

This tart wine flight includes various examples of rose from throughout the world because roses are more than just cheap White Zinfandels! Rose wines can be medium to full bodied wines with bright strawberry, watermelon, tart, caramel, spice, and raspberry notes. This wine flight shows that roses should not be underrated.

Andes Inspirations

The up and coming wine regions of Chile and Argentina are producing some of the United States most popular wines. This wine flight takes you to the western and eastern foothills of the Andes Mountains with full-bodied Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon to the robust Argentina Malbec. This wine flight will have you wishing you could ran off to South America!

California Dreamin'

You might not be able to visit the alluring countrysides of Napa, Sonoma, or Santa Barbara, but this wine flight brings them to you! This wine flight takes you through the California wine country from the world famous California Cabernet Sauvignon to the lesser known Viognier. The wine taster can expect big and bold fruit flavored wine that pack a punch. The three whites and three reds.

Texas...Our Texas!

Well...we are in the heart of Texas wine country and what wine list would be complete without representing the great state of Texas! This wine flight pays homage to the great and local wines that Texas has to offer.

African Safari

South Africa has more to offer than vast, open savannah, and prides of lions running free. A relatively older region that in recent years is coming to life! One can expect wines with an unique earthy, dirt finish with each wine having its own individualistic twist.

Mediterranean Oasis

The Mediterranean. Immediately images come to mind of sunny skies, beautiful beaches, delicious local foods, and peaceful nights. The Mediterranean Oasis wine flight showcases the wines of both Portugal and Spain. One can expect big, smoky, earthy, spicy reds; and light, refreshing, acidity, citrus flavored white wines that will inspire a longing inside you to be whisked away to a Mediterranean paradise.

New World Stars

This flight showcases the New World classics from Oregon Pinot Nior to South African Chenin Blanc. The New World flight option covers four continents and five countries! From this blockbuster flight you can expect bold, fruit forward wines with intense flavors that will tingle each of your tiny taste buds! The three white and three red wines.