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So maybe wine and spirits aren't your thing...Beer Tasting?!

Yes, please!

That is right folks! Chai Wine Tasting is offering beer tasting flights that include premium and unique lagers, ales, porters, india pale ales, hefeweizens, stouts, brown ales, steam beers, champagnes, pilsners, lambics, and other delicious styles of beers!

Whether you are an IPA guy or an only local gal...there is a beer flight for you and your friends! Just like Chai Wine Tasting parties, the hardest part is selecting a beer flight theme for the night however, we make it alittle easier for you! We have created customized flights ranging from the Austin's Own to German Beer Drinking Songs! Each beer flight contains six different beers of a particular theme, and every flight also comes with the option of beer snacks for a small additional charge during your beer tour. Please choose from one of our following beer flight options and click on the Contact Me link to email me your choice.

Austin's Own

For those of us living in the Austin area, we all know that brewing your own beer is the new IT thing! So, why not taste the best of what Austin, Texas has to offer? I promise you will not regret it.

Hugh Hefeweizens

My first experience with hefeweizen was of course a Blue Moon with an orange slice. However, as my taste buds and pocket book expanded I realized that there was a whole world of wheat based, white, and unfiltered hefeweizens. Interested? I knew you would be...

The Ales have it!

When it comes to Ales, the possibilities are endless! Ales can be brown, pale, mild, old, burton, belgian, and even fruity with raspberry, banana, cherry, apple, and prune ingredients. Therefore, there will surely be a beer on this flight to please your taste buds.

German Beer Drinking Songs

Ok, so maybe this beer flight is inspired by my short time in Berlin, Germany? But, hey, when you walk into a German beer joint that brews their own beer, serves it on wooden planks/trays that look like old 2*4s, and you actually witness German men and women singing in German while raising their beer mugs in the air. You stop and pay attention, right? Exactly! So, naturally why not have a German beer flight to bring back some fond memeories of good ol' Deutschland. Who knows? Maybe by the end of your flight, we will be singing the Das Lied der Deutschen together!

I had a Dream...

After years in the service industry, you meet and work with all types of people, one being "the distiller or brewer." Now, I do not mean the master distiller or brewery king of a major, established beverage company, but the little guy that brews as a serious passion or dream, but has not quite made it yet. This flight includes beer that I guarantee, you have not had before and might not ever again. This flight includes beer from passionate, local individuals who brew for pure pleasure and the dream of one day owning their own brewery. So why not support the dream?

Czechen' out the Pilsners

This flight features beers from the Czech Republic (the birthplace of pilnsers), Germany, the United States, and Mexico. From this flight you will see the different types of pilnsers from all over the world, and trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised!

The American Way

When people think American beer, Coors Light and Budweiser are probably the first images that pop into your mind, however the American beer world is filled with so much more! This flight takes you all over the United States of America to sample some of the best beer we have to offer, and trust me, you won't be disappointed.


If there is one thing that Texans do best, its drinking beer! Well, turns out there are also a number of people who took their passion for drinking beer and turned it into a brewery. All of the beers on this flight are made right here in the great state of Texas.

Lovin' Lambics

In recent years, I have become increasingly interested in a distinctive type of sour beer called a lambic. Lambics are sweet and sour drinks from heaven...or traditionally produced in Belguim, but you get the point. Lambics are made from raspberry, peach, cherries, blackcurrant, grape, strawberry, plum, lemon, banana, pineapple, brown sugar, and apple creating an array of distinct flavors and aromas. Still not sure what a lambic really is? Well, why don't you try a few!

Una mas cerveza, por favor?!

I do not think there is a person out there that does not love a chilled Mexican beer on a hot Texas day! If there is, I would love to meet you and change your mind. Whether you are a lover or a hater of delicious Mexican beers, you should try this flight to either change your mind or reaffirm your passion.