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Alittle about the Business...

Chai Wine Tasting began in the year 2010 in the little town of Austin, Texas. It is the brain child of a slightly obsessive can not seem to get enough wine, booze knowledge, and passion for teaching other interested individuals! Chai Wine Tasting can be brought to anyone living in Austin, Texas or the surrounding central Texas area at any day of the week at whatever time you desire! Whether it be a Sunday afternoon party to a Friday night bash...Chai Wine Tasting is there for you and your guests.

Why Chai WineTasting?

I am sure a few of you are asking...why Chai Wine Tasting? Well, the answer is very simple. Chai is the French term particularly in Bordeaux for wine cellar or the location where wine is stored and aged! Personally, I felt Chai Wine Tasting gave the business alittle more of a creative edge and an inside view into my wine knowledge!

And finally about me...your host!

About five years ago I began my pursue of a Masters of Arts degree in the New Mexico desert. During that time I became employed at a local winery and bistro. I was able to have an up close and personal view of the way wines slightly change from year to year, and the ideas and memories of a winemaker. I also enjoyed talking and teaching people from all over the country about the wine and winery...not only the drinkable end product, but the whole process from beginning to end. So to make a long story, extremely short that's were my interest...or passion began for wine. As a result, after completing my MA, I began to pursue an entirely different direction in life, studying all things alcohol! After completing my sommelier certification, I am currently studying for my next level of certification. So keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

Therefore, it has become a personal goal of mine to visit, sample, and enjoy as much booze and wineries, breweries, and distilleries as possible. I am also constantly reading any book, magazine, blog, article, or website I can get my hands on to improve my knowledge and keep me up to date on current spirit trends. And as a returning resident to the central Texas area, I figured that this was a great way to get better acquainted with the beautiful wine, beer, and liquor the world and especially Texas has to offer!

So until my dreams come true of being able to support myself by drinking, writing, and talking about wine, beer, and liquor...I will remain your tasting party host, serving the public their food and booze! Until then drink up and enjoy!